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A Letter of appreciation

A Letter of appreciation

Here we leave Madrid, in tears of mixed feelings of happiness and enthusiasm for what we learned and gone through throughout the week, and the sadness of saying goodbye to the friends we made, friends we learned from, friends who we shared our cultures and experiences with, friends who we discussed our future and visions with, friends who we partied with till the sunrise.

“You are the future”, Said Gordon Day, IEEE CEO and President, and those are not just words, They’re Inspiring, Electrifying, Engaging and Establishing. IEEE. Those words were a responsibility engraved on our chests for the rest of our lives, for that we’re the change we want to see, we build the future the way it deserves to be.

I will come across what I learned from the SBC in another blog post, but I what I wanted to point out here is the unknown soldiers, The Organizing Team, once you think about the massive work they’ve and were doing non-stop like bees, day and night, the devotion they showed and that I sensed in their emails and stuff months before the congress, the amount of effort that was put in the right direction so the congress would appear in its best shape, this is a unique attitude.

Let’s talk figures, how easy would it be to gather 400 students from 52 countries for 7 days and a huge variety and complexity of activities? And dealing with speakers and backup plans, and convincing sponsors? And managing surprises and updates around the clock delivering results efficiently? This is one hell of a mission!

All the organizers were nice, professional and efficient. They’ve kept everything under control, and from my experience as a logistics organizer, I won’t say this event was a success, because it was just a MASTERPIECE!

I really have a problem remembering names, but I can never forget anyone of them, especially Javier, Jorge, Alberto, the beautiful Elena, and the guys who sacrificed their precious sleeping time to take me to the hospital when I got injured. Every one of the organizers team was perfect!

Everybody who attended the SBC would want to be part of such a wonderful team, I’m very proud that I was part of SBC Madrid and that I have met them.

I really wish every one of the organizers a very successful life, and I hope to see them one day as leaders of change in their professions and lives, and of course I hope to see them again very soon, because I can’t wait for the next SBC.

Thank you for having us in Madrid, and thank you for all that you did to make this happen as it did, Gracias, see you all soon.



Comments on: "A Letter of appreciation" (6)

  1. Great post.It covers all my feelings about SBC.

  2. You brought my tears down ;(

  3. Hi Abed!
    You don’t know how much we apreciate your letter, it’s so beautiful and makes us realize that after all our tiredness you enjoyed as we wanted you to do!
    Thank you very much, I feel like empty without all of you walking around… I hope we will see you again 🙂

    PS. I hope your knee is all right

    • Elena 😀

      Whatever I write will not do your right and what you did, I hope my modest words show all of you realize how great you were and how we appreciate your sleepless nights and months preparing for this, and it was truly a masterpiece.

      We’ll meet again soon, hopefully sooner than the next SBC, and say hi for the rest of the team please 😀

      And thanks for asking, my knee is getting better and better 🙂

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