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When gravity kills, what would you do to break away?

An inactive electron makes the whole atom unable to bond with another atom or even make any use of that atom; it leaves the atom forsaken, pathetic. Dull. The gravity of the nucleus keeps the electron in its own orbit, you’re forbidden to go anywhere or to perform any stunt, just keep moving in the same circle till infinity. If you happen to bump in another electron or a chance to jump to another energy level (That’s what orbits are called in science) you just have to evade them in any possible way! Actually the name “energy level” speaks for itself, an electron with low energy is located near the nucleus, and that energy level has a low number of electrons (nobody loves to live at the bottom!) it’s such a  “short” orbit (short life span, low expectancy), and this electron will NEVER go anywhere (Those are the enemies of change, you know). Losers.

On the other hand, an electron with a decent amount of energy is capable of making miracles happen, It’s very active circling around the nucleus and waiting for a chance to make a difference, it’s able to bond with another atom and it’s able to completely leave the original atom, that energy level can accommodate a large number of electrons, and it’s such a journey, if you don’t have what it takes you’ll fall to the weaker level and so on.

Those are what we need. Those are what we must learn from. Let’s scale this atom to our daily life’s dimensions. Every action you take determines the amount of gravity that’ll attach you to a certain orbit, a certain life-style, every decision you make will carve your tomorrow in stone. So what life does is simply put you under gravity and bring you down to your knees, will you fight against it? Or will you settle in the lowest “energy level” of your life?

I’ve never settled for a low orbit, nor will I ever do. It takes you to sacrifice to jump through orbits and reach for the sky, but it’s certainly worth it, to be released from all kinds of chains and do what you believe in, to be responsible about your actions and their consequences, that’s freedom.

If you think you’re capable of breaking away and doing something remarkable, something that will change your life and lives of other people completely, what would you do to break away?