Changing The World Is Not Just A Dream

To Change, Or Not To Be

I wasn’t born with a golden spoon in my mouth, I had a typical childhood, and when I opened my eyes to the world, I learned to have faith in the world, the people, I learned to believe that justice exists, even though it’s not visible, I learned what hope is.

Our lives aren’t just an act awaiting to accomplish, when you live as a free human, you gotta prove your existence, you have the choice either to live as savages, or to fight for a proper way of living that we all strive for, something you have to sacrifice for, a right given to you by god, would you throw it away?

I have always had the will to change, to make the world a better place, for me, for you, for our children, for every single person in the world that is breathing or waiting to launch his first exhale, I gotta fight for your right to breath ! The fact is, the change starts from you, our weakness lies within the mistakes we know we committed, but refuse to admit, and day by day, those mistakes grow to attitudes, and those attitudes grow to a belief, and this belief grows to a tradition, a tradition that will spread like cancer to destroy a whole generation.

It comes back to you, the simplest change you make can change the world, an idea can turn the world upside down, don’t tell me that you can’t do anything, how should I believe you exist then ? If you don’t believe in the potential you have, how can you demand people to believe in you?

Gandhi once said:”Be the change you want to see in the world”, if you keep waiting for others to start, you won’t accomplish anything, I started with myself, trying to discover the best of me, trying to exceed my limits, to seek a limitless me. Once you realize the idea, and accept the fact you can be an influence for other people, to lead, not to follow, to be free, not a prisoner of your thoughts, not a prisoner of the narrow vision that other people will poison you with.

To become free, is to beat you weakness, is to be immune from people who will bring you down to your knees, to have courage to stand up again till you reach your goals, to open up your mind to the world without being an easy prey, but also without skepticism.

Freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you, what you’re born with, what you gain with your sweat and blood along the way, it is what you’ll fight for, what you’ll be ready to die for to grant it for others. Saving another life, isn’t it worth “wasting” your life?

And what if hope and good faith are the only things you’re born with? What if every force in the world stood upon you, would you stand still? I’d say no, we’re meant to fight for what we believe in, and to defend our ideas as long as we’re alive.

I’m not the same person of yesterday, so how can I be the same person of a year ago? How can I be the same person of tomorrow? I always strive to get out the best of me, and I won’t stop till I reach my ultimatum. We’re what we become, not what we were, so why do we tie ourselves to the past this much? If we don’t look forward for tomorrow, we’ll never write history!

But that doesn’t mean giving up all the things you’ve learned, things you were raised on, you gotta grow your mind and your vision without letting people disarm you from your principles and beliefs, you gotta listen to the voice in your head and in your heart, if you lose yourself, you lose everything.

Nobody can change your destiny, or what you’re meant to be, people may influence us, may help us finding the right path, or they may become a dramatic change in your life, it’s up to you, but it’s only you to create every second in your life, we make our own destiny. Nobody is really attached to you, or meant to stay forever, we try to keep our friends by our side, but once they complete their role in your story, they’ll be long gone, and you’ll have to go on, to another chapter of your life that you’ll write with your own fingers.

Don’t let yourself be a chess pawn, follow your free will, the will to change for better, and start from now, put your power and potential down to the ground and show what you’re worth, and what you can really do, then you’ll realize you’re not just another one breathing, not just a dead body moving, break away from the cage you’ve imprisoned yourself in, and live free, the only way you’re meant to be.

Abdelrahman Saifi



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