Changing The World Is Not Just A Dream

Yes, There ain’t no fair, there ain’t no justice, but only if you think too much about this, you will put your life to ruins. I knew this would make sense, live your life as momentum, do not think a lot about what could happen or anything else. feel and live each second separately, thus you’ll enjoy each one, then it’s easy to categorize those memories to good and bad. It’s not the same to express emotions into words, they seem empty, faded away, when you say that you miss somebody, do you ?! It’s not the word that shows the meaning, never was! It’s the look in your eyes which makes it true, it’s how you talk it out expresses the meaning, not the word itself, you love someone ? Not a single word can tell it,but a look would express it all, simply, the words become a tool to break the silence, not more, not less. All of this will lead you to a big bang theory ! Because as soon as you understand this fact completely, you will tell who wears masks, who fakes you, who are just pretending to get something, then they’ll kick you to hell, alone. You’ll analyze their eyes, their hearts, knowing whether they tell the truth or what, then you can make a decision, a fully mental-depended judgment, leaving out all emotions, or what you call it after you discover those fake masks are falling down, and the circus show is over. But the fact that you’ve been deceived, there’s two ways, you can learn how to see it coming, or learn to be deceived each time and then to forget it ! It’s only possible for any- HUMAN-body to be deceived once, and you’ll learn your fault, another one is unforgivable. Then you can control your life easily, making no more space for clowns and so-called monkeys, beware, they are good, they know how to get what they want, but once you realize that you’re better, you can crush them completely, no more excuses to rely on them anymore. This restricts the people you love, you care about , you give them what you have without asking, sharing emotions, and whatever you think too, I bet you to find another word than HAPPINESS here, not the word itself, but the feeling, the way of living, the people, will tell if it’s true or not.


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